I’m a freelance writer in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I write about Charlotte, music, travel, as well as a wide range of other topics for publications and clients. I publish the popular local website Charlotte on the Cheap and regularly write for the Charlotte Observer. I also publish Triangle on the Cheap, which focuses on free and cheap things to do in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

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Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017

Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016

Best American Essays Notable Essay 2016

Some of my recent work

Seeing Elves

Brain,Child Magazine, 2006. This essay is about the conflict between reality and fantasy when raising young children.

Throwing the Thimble

Skirt Magazine, 2004. From the hidden way-back vault! This is about playing board games with little kids. I guess you could say it goes badly sometimes.

Watch Your Back Barbie

Brain,Child Magazine, 2002. This was only the 2nd piece I ever sold and it still makes me smile because of how it captures a certain time in my kids’ lives.


Years of essay writing for outlets such as O (Oprah’s Magazine), Wondertime, The Washington Post, Brain,Child Magazine, Full Grown People, and Christian Science Monitor have helped me to learn the craft of essay writing. I offer essay coaching to writers and students. Special rates for students. Learn more.

What people are saying

Whenever I’m stuck on an essay, or I’m wondering if I have a solid story to share, Jody Mace has helped me navigate the journey. She is honest and forthright in her reviews, but most importantly, she offers specific suggestions to help you revise your work. And her edits are always spot on! In every case, Jody’s comments and suggestions have helped elevate my writing to the next level. She truly is an essay goddess who not only has a solid grasp of the genre, but also a wicked sense of humor that she brings to her own writing.

Amy Paturel, essayist (Parents, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, New York Times’ Motherlode)

Jody Mace is the ‘essay whisperer.’ She has the uncanny knack of finding the beauty (and humor) in both the curious and mundane–and somehow, in her sublime work, finds the answers to all manner of questions that you never even knew you were so desperate to ask.

Kayt Sukel, author of “The Art of Risk” and “This is your Brain on Sex”

I absolutely adore Jody Mace’s work, and I have no idea why she’s not a household name. Her writing is funny and smart and then, when you least expect it, she knocks you sideways.

Jennifer Niesslein, editor of Full Grown People

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