Teaching writing at a local elementary school, and, later, working in critique groups with renowned essayists, has given me a passion for coaching writers. Helping another writer find that one little tweak that transforms a paragraph from one that works to one that sings is every bit as addictive as writing my own pieces. If you’re serious about writing, whether you’re a high school student working on a college application essay, an aspiring writer, or a published journalist interested in venturing into personal essays, I can help you define the theme of your piece, figure out what fits and what doesn’t, find a structure for it, and make the most of every word. I want you to have satisfaction of really nailing a piece of writing. There’s nothing like it.

The scope of our relationship is up to you. I’m willing to coach you through one crucial piece of writing, or work with you through a whole semester, helping you to meet your writing goals.

I offer special rates for students.

Send me an email, and let’s talk about where you want to go with your writing.